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KIPOR strives to produce generators with high quality and to be environmentally friendly. As a result we have developed these digital generators.


Petrol Generator IG1000

Petrol Generator IG1000


Rated Frequency 50 60Hz
Rated Voltage 230 120/240V
Rated Speed (r/min) 5500
Automotive unleaded gasoline fuel type
Engine Model KG144
Displacement 53.5ml
UR5 Spark plug


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Petrol Generator IG2600

Petrol Generator IG2600


Rated Frequency 50 60Hz
Rated Voltage 230 120/240V
Rated Speed (r/min) 3600
Automotive unleaded gasoline fuel type
Engine Model KG166
Displacement 171ml
WR7DC Spark plug


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General Purpose Petrol Generator South Africa


Most generators are equipped with a brushless alternator, which is good for establishing a stable voltage in a short time. Meanwhile, the generator set can still maintain a quality output.


Petrol Generator KGE12E

Petrol Generator KGE12E


Rated frequency of 50 Hz
Rated output of 8.5 kVa
Pole Number 2
General Panel Type
Two receptables
Open frame Structure type
Engine Model KG690


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Petrol Generator KG12E3

Petrol Generator KG12E3


Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated output 9.5 kVa
Insulation Grade B
Two single-phase receptacles
Rated rotation speed 3000r/min
Dry weight 161kg
Open frame structure type


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Petrol Generator


A petrol generator is probably the most frequently used gas generator. People all over the globe use these petrol generators to a great extent to serve both commercial and household purposes. Petrol generators do offer a host of advantages and that is why it is no wonder to mammoth popularity of various petrol generators everywhere.


Petrol generators are mostly used for pretty much every application possible besides industrial generators which prefer diesel fuel since they produce more horsepower and are also kind of cheaper to run than the petrol generators. Moreover besides the industrial applications, petrol generators can also be used as essential home generators, standby, camping, and for any portable generator uses. There are plenty of reasons though for which people tend to use these generators to do various works both at home or in a plant or in some office or other areas. The biggest advantage of petrol generators is that it can be used or run by the most commonly found fuel sources, or gasoline to a large extent. Gasoline can not only be found quite easily but it can be purchased just about anywhere and everywhere. Apart from that Gasoline also produces a lot of power for its weight, making it one of the most desirable fuel sources in the world.


Now, while deciding to purchase any petrol or diesel generator, there are several things that one needs to consider to make sure that the variety being purchased will work for the intended use. Hence prior to going to the market to buy any generator, you have to check the type, size, speed, and the output of the generator as these things matter a lot as far as getting the best out of a generator is concerned. The first item that ought to be considered is the type of the petrol generator; thus be precise about your need. While there are generators powered by gasoline, diesel, or petrol, the choice that is made is dependent on the price of the unit as well as the operating costs. Cost is a big factor for any commercial use; while Gasoline is the most cost effective type, petrol generators, on the other hand, cost less at purchase with much more expensive operating costs. In general, choosing a petrol generator is indeed the most profitable choice for household use since these generators have lower nitrous oxide emissions and the noise produced is much more allowable than the other types. Another factor to consider is the size of the generator that will be needed to power all of the essential appliances in the home. The minimum size can be determined by adding up all the power needed for each appliance.


When choosing a petrol generator, the speed may also be a issue in the purchase because those that operate at higher speeds tend to not last as long as those that operate at lower speeds. The higher speed generators are also much lower priced since they wear out much sooner. After making all of these decisions, the only thing left to decide on when choosing a petrol generator is the brand. If all of these specifics are considered, the most suitable generator for the job will be chosen and put to good use.