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Helpful tips for using a generator


Use the below tips when buying or installing your generator


Never operate a generator in or too close to your house.
Due to carbon monoxide poisoning, dont run your generator in your garage or in the house even with doors open. Yes, you will have to run longer extension cords and possibly even stand out in the rain to refill the unit every now and then, but you be a lot safer.



Let your generator cool down before refilling.
The fuel tank is usually on top of the engine so it can 'gravity-feed' fuel to the carburetor.
This can turn out badly if you spill whilst refueling as it will hit the hot engine and could ignite along with the petrol in your hands.


Run your generator on a level surface.
This is to make sure that the lubrication system works best and is able to keep all the engine parts well lubricated. If you dont do this, it can damage the generator costing you alot of money.


Limit the cord length to prevent appliance damage.
Generators are loud and will most often be as far from the house as possible. That is not a problem, just make sure to use an outdoor rated extension cord and dont exceed the length of 100 ft from generator to the appliance. The voltage can drop on the longer runs causing the appliance motor and compressor to burnout prematurely.

Helpful Generator Tips